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Dr. Ilsa (Micky) Orrey is a dermatologist with over three decades of experience in serving the community of Cape Town.

Renowned for her dedication to patient care, Dr. Orrey has cultivated a  reputation for creating a sincere and compassionate atmosphere within her practice.

With a commitment to excellence and a genuine passion for her patients' well-being, Dr. Orrey has built enduring relationships that have spanned generations, with many of her patients having remained loyal since the inception of her private practice.

This loyalty stands as a testament to Dr. Orrey's exceptional skill and the profound impact she has made in the lives of her patients.

Dr Ilsa Orrey Pic

Dr Ilsa (Micky) Orrey

M.B.Ch.B (UCT). FCP (SA) FCDerm (SA)

Dr Nicolina Bardou Consult Pic

Dr Nicolina Bardou

MBChB (UCT), BSc Hons (UCT), MSc Med (UCT), Msc (Oxon)

Dr. Nicolina Bardou has rapidly gained recognition in the field of aesthetics since becoming one of the first associates to join Dr Orrey Derma Clinic.

Leveraging her diploma in dermatology, Dr. Bardou has adeptly managed the overflow from Dr. Orrey's dermatology patients, significantly contributing to the practice's success.

Known for her meticulous attention to detail, Dr. Bardou has cultivated a loyal patient base of aesthetic and dermatology patients alike.

Her commitment to her patients has solidified her reputation as a trusted skincare professional.

Dr. Eddy Zitha brings fresh expertise to the dermatological aspect of our practice, joining us as our newest addition.

Hailing from Groote Schuur, Dr. Zitha is swiftly becoming a beloved figure among his new patients.

Renowned for his humour and lighthearted approach, Dr. Zitha fosters a welcoming and warm atmosphere for his patients.

His affable nature contributes to a positive patient experience throughout their dermatological journey.

Dr Eddy Zitha Pic

Dr Eddy Zitha

M.B.Ch.B (UCT), FCP (SA), FCDerm (SA)

Debora Gorton Pic

Debora Gorton

Micro Needling, Chemical Peels, Facials, IPL, LHR,

Debora Gorton is our medical skin therapist and an integral part of our team for over a decade.

With a deep understanding of our products and a pivotal role in our aesthetic procedures, Debora collaborates closely with Dr. Bardou to ensure exceptional results.

But Debora's impact goes beyond her professional skills. Known for her innate compassion and unwavering dedication, she has cultivated a loyal following of patients who trust her implicitly with their skincare needs.

Her compassionate approach is the heart of our practice, reflecting our commitment to providing not just skincare expertise but also genuine care and support.

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