Online diagnosis from the comfort of your home.

No appointment needed!

Over 1 000 patients are already using QuickSpot

QuickSpot is a convenient platform to enquire about a single mole, a worrying lesion, a rash or acne.

You simply have to fill in a form describing the problem and attach some good quality photographs.

Dr Orrey will email a reply which offers a diagnosis and treatment plan, including a script if necessary, within 48 working hours.

This is ideal for persons who do not want to wait months for an appointment and for those who need an urgent diagnosis.

What is QuickSpot?

Are you frustrated with:

Having to wait for weeks or months for a dermatologist appointment?

Getting a script for your skin?

Feeling uncertain or anxious about the cause of your skin problem?

Just needing to have one spot or lesion examined without the hassle of scheduling a full appointment?

Facing financial strain from costly dermatologist visits and treatments?

Enduring discomfort or pain from persistent skin issues and seeking a dermatologist's opinion promptly?

We understand your concerns!

Thorough Data Collection:

We capture all relevant information online regarding your skin condition to facilitate a comprehensive diagnosis.

Effective Diagnosis:

Our online platform guarantees precise identification of skin conditions with a 90% accuracy rate of a face-to-face consultation.

Post Diagnosis & Script:

Following the diagnosis, we provide tailored recommendations and, if necessary, issue a prescription to via email.

How QuickSpot works:

Complete the Online Form:

Fill out the required information about your skin condition online.

Upload Pictures:

Upload a picture of your condition to the platform for diagnosis.

Receive your Diagnosis & Script

Receive your diagnosis and script (if necessary) via email within 48 working hours.

More info about QuickSpot:

Step 1:

Fill out the online form for your corresponding condition: SPOT / RASH / ACNE

(QuickSpot is only suitable for ONE spot, a localized rash, or facial/body acne).

Step 2:

Follow the instructions to upload the required pictures of your condition.

Step 3:

Proceed to the payment page.

(QuickSpot costs only R599, less than half of a regular full consultation).

Step 4:

Your information is sent to Dr Orrey, and she will provide a diagnosis within 48 working hours.

Step 5:

You will receive an email with your diagnosis, along with a prescription if necessary.

If Dr Orrey determines that it is urgent for you to be seen in person for a closer examination or treatment, she will prioritise your appointment. The QuickSpot fee will then be deducted from your consultation fee.

QuickSpot FAQs

A: A QuickSpot diagnosis is approximately 90% as accurate as an in-person consultation with your dermatologist. If Dr Orrey has any doubts about your skin condition, she will contact you for more information or to schedule an in-person consultation.

A: The cost of a QuickSpot is R599.

A: Please note that a QuickSpot consultation does not replace your regular skin check-up with your dermatologist. Dr Orrey can address ONE specific skin concern during a QuickSpot consultation. If you have multiple spots or rashes, please book a standard consultation.

A: Our QuickSpot service is currently available for a single spot, acne, or rash

A: Conditions that are extensive, such as eczema or psoriasis involving the whole body, should be assessed in person. Acutely ill patients (fever, joint pains, muscle aches) should see their General Practitioner. Patients with weeping and crusted sores, especially if associated with fever, should seek urgent care from their GP. Patients with boils should consult their GP for immediate management. Additionally, any patient requiring follow-up after a skin cancer diagnosis should have a face-to-face consultation.

A: We will ask you to schedule an in-person consultation. The QuickSpot fee will then be deducted from your consultation fee.

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